TeamWLPctGBStrkDivisionPF AvgPA Avg

 *Boston Raiders(3)104.714-L233.50074.1063.54

 McHenry Dragons 95.6431L151.83371.4564.74

 Arlington Aces68.4294W324.33366.5965.85

 Meadows Ballers59.3575W124.33353.0368.05


 TeamWLPctGBStrkDivisionPF AvgPA Avg

 *Mundalein Bidness(1)113.786-W651.83378.4464.76

 *Streamwood Slugs(4)104.7141W342.66774.5663.94

 S.Wheeling Smashers 410.2867L324.33357.2268.40

 Cook Co. Youngbloods 410.2867L815.16766.6772.31


 TeamWLPctGBStrkDivisionPF AvgPA Avg

 *N.Wheeling Violators(2)104.714-W251.83375.0967.39

 South Elgin Elite 68.4294L142.66762.6064.20

 E.Wheeling Projects59.3575W106.00060.7472.50

 Bolingbrook Breakers410.2866L433.50072.7277.53

 * Clinched Playoffs

SCFFL Super Bowl II

Visiting Team Line Home Team

Boston Raiders: 103.45  Even Streamwood Slugs: 71.55

Top Players - Final Stats

Top QB

Top RB

Top WR

Bidness 282.40

 Dragons 241.60

 Projects 346.90

Slugs 275.55

 Bidness 239.40

 Raiders 314.40

Youngbloods 272.30

 Violators 232.70

 Elite 300.30


Top Players - Final Stats

Top TE

Top Kicker

Top Defense

Violators 110.50

 Aces 109.00

 Slugs 149.00

Dragons 86.75

 Bidness 105.00

 Bidness 136.00

Slugs 84.90

 Smashers 102.00

 Breakers 134.00

Standings - By Rank (Record, Division Record, Total Points)

1  Mundalein Bidness East 11-3 5-1 78.44

2  N.Wheeling Violators West 10-4 5-1 75.09

3  Boston Raiders Central 10-4 3-3 74.10

4  Streamwood Slugs East 10-4 4-2 74.56

5  McHenry Dragons Central 9-5 5-1 71.45

6  South Elgin Elite West 6-8 4-2 62.60

7  Arlington Aces Central 6-8 2-4 66.59

8  Meadows Ballers Central 5-9 2-4 53.03

9  E.Wheeling Projects West 5-9 0-6 60.74

10  Bolingbrook Breakers West 4-10 3-3 72.72

11  S.Wheeling Smashers East 4-10 2-4 57.22

12  Cook Co. Youngbloods East 4-10 1-5 66.67

Semi Finals Recaps

 Streamwood Slugs (Matt B) at Mundalein Bidness (Ray H)

    Bidness led the SCFFL with a record of 11-3, 5-1, led the league in scoring by a 50 point margin, and won the Eastern Division Crown. They faced Division Rival Streamwood, who they beat in both regular season meetings, including a 40 point shellacking in week 12. All these factors and a stacked lineup looked to put Mundelein on pretty good pace to advance to the SCFFL Super Bowl II. RB Shaun Alexander turned in a playoff worthy 25.2 pts (96 yds rushing, 2TD) and QB Kurt Warner helped out with 16.15 pts, but the rest of Bidness certainly didnít take care of, well, Bidness. WR Tim Brown (2.9pts) K David Akers (1FG 3pts) and the Cleveland D (0pts), were major disappointments in this one, contributing to a 61.85 point showing.

    Streamwood qualified for the playoffs by winning its last 3, while McHenry dropped their last game securing the WildCard Berth. The Slugs finished 10-4, 4-2, 2nd in scoring, and 2nd in the East Division. Things didnít look good for the Slugs, RB Ricky Williams was stuffed (4.1 pts) WR Issac Bruce choked (.7 pts, 1 catch ), and QB Jeff Garcia was merely mediocre (11.7 pts). 11 points from K Kris Brown (5XP 2FG) , TE Marcus Pollard (TD) helped narrow the gap between them and Bidness. But as they did all year long, Streamwood relied on Defense to get the job done, This week it was Green Bay, whose 20pts (7pts allowed, 4 sacks, 3 int, TD) sealed the comeback win, and a berth in SCFFL Super Bowl II.


 FINAL SCORE Slugs: 66.90 Bidness: 61.85

 Boston Raiders (Jim H) at N. Wheeling Violators

    The Violators were the first team to clinch a playoff berth, winning the Western Division by a hefty 4 game margin, finishing the season at 10-4, 5-1, and finishing 3rd in scoring. After winning their last 2 heading into the Semi Finalís, N Wheeling pinned its hopes on QB Doug Flutie, who replaced injured star Daunte Culpepper on the lineup. Flutie came up with a solid game (16.75pts) but solid games donít cut it in the playoffs. Ho-Hum performances from WRís Derrick Mason (7.8) and Marty Booker (7.4), and truly poor games from RB Priest Holmes (9.2pts) TE Tony Gonzalez (2.2) and the New Orleans D (0PTS!!!!) held the Violators to just 58.35 pts. Their Opponent, the Expansion Boston Raiders, backed into the playoffs by virtue of a McHenry Dragons Loss in week 14, but still won the Central Division with a record of 10-3, 3-3, and finished 4th in scoring. Led by K John Hall (5FG 17pts) RB Curtis Martin (16.9), and the Tampa Bay Defense (13pts) the Raiders were able to weather poor showings by TE Dwayne Carswell (0 pts!!!) and WR David Boston (2.6), and claw together 71.65 pts. Their 13 point victory earns them a berth in SCFFL II.

 FINAL SCORE Raiders: 71.65 Violators: 58.35